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Topic: adb2014 's blog The Reality of Raising Kids in China.

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Good article. I always wondered what it'd be like to raise kids here as a foreigner. I wondered, but I wouldn't do it. With due respect, the food pollution, the water pollution and, of course, the much publicized air pollution are just too much of a risk to take, in my opinion. And that's not to mention the other every-day life dangers of living in a big city in China (example: do you teach your kids to always cross the street at the zebra crossings or to always wait for the green pedestrian light? well, in China that's of no use). As far as the locals' reaction, it sounds like your friends and co-workers are surprised that you are raising kids here. Perhaps that, by itself, should tell us something. And of course the other problem is the one you hinted at. They will never belong here, they will always be the "waiguoren". That's a backward cultural trait of China that will not be resolved in our, or even your kids', lifetimes. Having said all that, thanks for the post and good luck!

Sep 18, 2017 01;41
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