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Topic: cwzialor 's blog 12 Types of Foreigners You’ll Definitely Meet in China

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Honestly, this just comes off as a judgemental and is really describing a dozen different bad habits, 'worst of' characteristics and more importantly, many of these are not personified in anyone but are really 'phases'. In this case the negative phases for the most part. Many foreigners will, at some point, go through most of these phases somewhere to some degree. And then the other angle is that some of these are just personality traits of what could be nearly anyone anywhere but are not necessarily relative to China in any special way. 'Gung Ho Bro' is just a common extrovert personality type that is fairly common across every country and culture and particularly among young folks. Some of these are directly related to China but I'd strongly suggest they are really just negative (rather judgy snippy ones) but negative traits many will go through in various phases, some for a minute, others locking into them hardcore but others will also pass through them with mitigating positive traits and so on. Not go go off on a rant but I find these beloved 'Types of Expats' things less true every year. Oh, I know there are some who are those categories. I met a China-Know-It-All recently who was almost a 'cartoon character' of the stereotype BUT more and more I have been meeting what I'd call normal or non-specific types. They are are self-aware, they have a sense of humor, they have all kinds of various reasons or purposes and I'd dare say that is now the most common 'type' aka the 'non-type'. Which I happen to enjoy.

Aug 01, 2017 05;17
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